When we sell you tickets we trust that they're for you and/or your friends or family. We've got a reallocation function (See 'Can I transfer my tickets to someone else?') in place so you can transfer those tickets in cases where you've bought for friends or other family members but won't be attending yourself, or realise later that you won't be able to make it along.

What we're not happy about is people buying tickets from us with the intention of selling them on. It's not fair on the artist, venue or event organiser who have invested time, effort and money in the event, and we won't be involved in it.

So, if you're thinking of doing so, please think again. If we suspect anyone is attempting to use our reallocation system for the resale of tickets we will invalidate the booking, and you - or the new ticket holder - will be refused entry to the venue and the ticket will not be refunded.

But we know you're all good girls and boys really, and wouldn't want to do that anyway.