We know things come up and sometimes you can't make it along to the event you've booked tickets for. In these instances we'll do our best to help you find a happy home for your ticket. In most cases you can transfer your ticket into someone else's name - we call this 'reallocation' - so a friend or family member can still make use of the ticket (and tell you all about what you missed!).

For more information about our reallocation facility please see 'Can I transfer my tickets to someone else?'

Please do not re-sell your ticket. It's not fair on the artist, venue or event organiser who have invested time, effort and money in the event, and we won't be involved in it. We reserve the right to withdraw your tickets if we suspect you've resold them - your booking will be invalidated, the person trying to use the tickets will not be permitted entry to the venue, and the ticket will not be refunded.

Unless an event is cancelled or postponed tickets and booking fees are non-refundable. Please see 'Can I have a refund?'