If you need a VAT receipt for your ticket order, simply log in to your WeGotTickets account, click on 'My tickets' and you'll find the VAT receipt to be downloaded next to each ticket order.

If you used our Guest Checkout function and missed the opportunity to create an account, get in touch and we'll set that up for you so it includes your past orders. You can contact us using this form.

Please note that we can't provide a VAT receipt for the whole amount because we don't deduct VAT from the ticket money - we pass on 100% of the face value of the tickets to the event organiser, irrespective of whether they are VAT registered or not. We can do this because we act as an agency and don't buy the tickets.

We can only provide you with a VAT receipt for the booking fee - if you need a full VAT receipt please get in touch with the organiser of the event - please note that they will only be able to provide a VAT receipt if they are VAT registered and have charged VAT on the ticket price.