There are lots of reasons a transaction may fail, often to do with settings on your own computer or browser, or the network you're using (especially if you're using a work or public network, such as one at an internet café). As such, it can sometimes be difficult for us to determine why a transaction has failed.

One of the main problems people can have is with their cookies settings - so, please make sure your browser is set to accept session cookies. Check out 'Why can't I save tickets in my basket?' for more information on how to change those settings.

If you are repeatedly having difficulties purchasing tickets on our site we would suggest trying the following:

  • close all open browser windows, open a new browser window and try again. We have found that sometimes your session can time out and get "locked"; this will help unlock it
  • if that doesn't work and you have access to a different browser, try again using that. Each browser has a number of different security settings that can sometimes cause problems. (We recommend Firefox as the most reliable browser but our site does work with all major browsers)
  • if your transaction still fails and you have access to one, please try buying the tickets on a different computer. Sometimes, for example, if you're trying to buy tickets at work, your company may have a firewall in place that is preventing the transaction being processed. Using a home computer can help

If you're still struggling after trying all of the above, drop our Support department a line from here and we'll do our best to help you out.